How can I keep two necklaces from getting twisted up together?
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I wear two pendants, each on 1mm silver snake chains (one 18-inch and one 20-inch) daily. They are always getting twisted together and I have to unravel them from one another a few times a day. Is there some hack or solution to this problem that I haven't considered?

In the realm of life's problems, this obviously ranks very, very low. But just curious if there is a solution to this minor annoyance.
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If you are at all crafty or fine-motor enabled, there's a jewelrymaking solution to this-- just hook the ends of the necklaces up to a two strand clasp, which will hold them apart at your neck and make them less likely to get tangled (effectively converting your 2x one-strand necklaces to a single two-strand necklace).

You could make the connection on one side without any tinkering at all, just by fastening each existing necklace clasp to a ring of the two-strand clasp. On the other side, you'd use something like an open jump ring, which you can pry open and then bend closed, to attach the loop side of the necklace to the clasp loops. Voila, new necklace closure, no tangling.
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Unfortunately, there are no solutions. The chains are thinner and with pendants (that will move around constantly) so they will find one another and engage in a dance on your neck. If they were heavier, there would be less of a chance of that, but even at a heavier weight they tend to feel lonely and find one another.
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Spacer Bars!
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I never wear two silver chains together because this always happens. What will solve it is if you switch one of them out for something like cording or ribbon or something that isn't tiny metal.
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