Can I renew my CA teaching credential if I've been teaching in AZ?
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I have a clear California teaching credential that I want to renew this year. However, I currently reside in Arizona. Double however, it's likely that my wife and I will be returning to California within the next five years and I don't want to go through the reciprocity process again. Can I simply renew the CA credential? It looks like the process requires a recommendation from a "sponsoring agency" which I would assume is the county Office of Education. What do I do if I'm not living in CA? Can my district in Arizona "recommend" me? Thanks!
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You should call someone in the office at the California Dept of Ed to determine. I've found that the folks there really want to help and will tell you what you need to do.

One thought is to teach an on-line class in California, if you need to have something going on there.
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You should actually call the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing, not the Department of Ed. Here's some info for out-of-state applicants that may be useful (though you're not an applicant, necessarily).
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