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Which YouTube vlogs or vloggers show more than their picture-perfect, awesome, happy lives?

I've found this AskMeFi post from 2008 and countless clickbait-y lists, but usually the lists feature famous YouTubers who produce very specific, polished content (e.g., makeup tutorials, DIY projects, comedy sketches). And while I love beauty vloggers like essiebutton who document their day-to-day life, their on-screen personas are carefully edited to represent the most appealing and relatable versions of themselves and their lives.

Are there any vloggers who talk about/show their less-than-perfect lives? Not negative or unhappy representations, per se, but vlogs that are less polished and not aimed towards appealing to the greatest number of people. "Day in the life" vlogs preferred to talking heads. Something more like a personal blog or a documentary that doesn't seem staged?
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The first vlogger that comes to mind is Charles Trippy. He has so far documented his brain cancer and his recent divorce from his wife. He's been through hard times but doesn't like to polish it. He even filmed his own brain surgery!

Another favourite vlogger of mine is Datev Gallagher. Her and her boyfriend Kevin make daily vlogs. They travel a lot and have real family values. They love the outdoors and can really capture the beauty of an adventure. She is also friends with a lot of people who featured in Charles Trippy's vlogs before he divorced his wife. Both her and Kevin are really genuine and their vlogs are lovely to watch.

I'm also a huge fan of Will Shepherd and RJ Aguiar and their channel, shep689. Their whole aim is to give people an idea about living an ordinary life in a gay relationship. They are based in LA and have the most adorable puppy. Will has recently spoken about his problems with alcohol and I find their honesty really refreshing.

Finding genuine vlogs these days can be difficult because of the rise in vlogging as a profession. Even some of the most genuine vlogs feature sponsors because it can be easy money if placed in there convincingly. I still have major respect for their work either way.
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Shaytards are basically raw, roughly edited daily life vlogs, but they are definitely about their awesome, happy life... because they are very happy people! They will be real, though.
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