Shoot The Sheep!
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Help me, oh wise MeFites, to find this lost game of my youth. I'm looking for a board game, from the late 70s/early 80s, that had cattle ranching as a theme. As you went around the board, you could buy ranches, then buy and sell cattle. There may have been an element of driving the cattle to market too. The detail that stands out the most is the sheep ranch. If you landed there, and another player had sheep on it, you could shoot them. My sister and I both remember playing with our dad, and all shouting, "Shoot the sheep!".
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The Cattlemen?
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Have you searched at It's pretty much the most comprehensive board game database.
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Rancher? Abilene?
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Thanks for the suggestions. Definitely not Cattlemen. The board was more Monopoly-like. Also not Squatter. The sheep were more incidental to the game. It might be one of the other two, but Board Game Geek is down right now. I'll check back tomorrow.
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