Tools to help decipher handwriting?
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I do a good bit of genealogy research at work and help others with theirs as well. I want to get better at deciphering handwriting (in English) from the colonial period onward. Has anyone used any specific resources that helped them with this? I don't need a certification or anything but I would like to be able to show I've done my research in this area. Thanks!
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This is referred to as paleography. I've used the Brigham Young University tutorials in germanic gothic scripts, but not their English scripts tutorial specifically.
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Another good paleography tutorial site here -- English, not American, but I'd imagine the scripts would have had a good deal of overlap.
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I work with historic documents and sometimes use an online crossword dictionary to help me figure out mysterious hand written words when I'm transcribing something. Seeing a list of possible other words often helps!
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Best answer: English Handwriting 1500-1700: An Online Course (mainly designed for literary students; good selection of examples, graded in difficulty from 1 to 5)

Early Modern Palaeography (designed for historians; wider variety of hands, including various forms of court hand)

Reading Early Modern Handwriting (online tutorial, particularly helpful in identifying distinctive features of individual hands)
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