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Looking for a software solution that allows survey respondents in the field to indicate locations on a map in response to survey questions.

This is the scenario I've been tasked with researching: pollsters go out into the field with tablets, running both iOS and Android, to administer surveys to individuals. (Think a more high-tech version of handing out clipboards with surveys for people to fill out). People tap/type on the tablets to answer the questions.

However, some of the questions would ideally be answered not in text-style, but by clicking on a map: for example, if the survey was about nightlife, a question might ask, "Where are your favorite nightlife districts?" and instead of choosing from a multiple choice/typing in the answers, the recipient could simply tap on a map to indicate the location of these areas, which would then get recorded.

I'm wondering if there might be some kind of Esri/ArcGIS product, mobile app, or some other software solution that would allow us to do this. This is in a corporate context so price is not an issue (in that it doesn't have to be free). In terms of professionalism/features, the type of solutions that I am looking for would be things analogous to Qualtrics or Droid Survey.
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you could roll your own with esri or google map clients, but i don't know any survey app out-of-the-box that addresses this.

one barrier is that 'night-life-districts' are not very well defined regions; a public map service for NLDs is pretty unlikely to exist for your specific city of interest - unless you also build that dataset.

w/o that dataset, clicking a point would get you what? a reverse geocode of the address? raw coordinates? the census block? for this, you really need a component integrated into (whatever) survey app.

memail me if you want some options.
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How specific do their responses need to be? Can you get there using something like the Hot Spot or Heat Map question types in Qualtrics? Or do you really need an embedded map with zoom and whatnot?
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