Out of the subcontinent, into Africa
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Looking for recommendations for an Ethiopian/Eritrean/North African cookbook.

My boyfriend is a big fan of this type of cuisine (okay, okay, cue the MRE joke...go on, do it...) and I'd like to be able to make it at home. I've cooked quite a lot of Indian food and am generally pretty comfortable in a kitchen, but have no idea of a good cookbook for this type of food. Any suggestions are welcome, as are any suggestions of favorite dishes to try perfecting.

I live in the Newton-Wellesley-Waltham area outside of Boston and have access to a variety of ethnic groceries nearby, so I don't think I'll have too many difficulties getting ingredients, but if there's any other Boston MeFites who have thoughts on where to go shopping, it'd certainly be appreciated. Will I need any special equipment/pans?

Also, which area Ethiopian restaurant is your favorite?
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Olivia Warren, Taste of Eritrea: recipes from one of East Africa's most interesting little countries.
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Sundays at the Moosewood Restaurant has a section on Ethiopian cuisine. I've made most of the recipes and they've all been very good. The red lentil stew is fabulous.
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The one piece of specialized equipment they may call for is a tagine, which is like a ceramic baking dish with a cone-shaped lid that you use for couscous or stew-ish things.

You don't really need one if you don't want to go to the expense, though. Whatever you currently use for rice or couscous should get the job done.

The only other piece I think would be important would be a good dutch oven with a heavy lid.
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One dish I've cooked over the years is a dish of the Moroccan Jews. Braised Chicken with Honey and Tomatoes. Flavorful, low-fat, easy (throw everything in a pot and let it cook), and it makes the house smell great.
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Paula Wolfert's cookbooks are the classic recommendation, especially her books focusing on Moroccan cuisine.
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Not helpful, but you might want to take a foodie trip to DC, where they have scads of terrific Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurants. this one is the most famous.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all for the suggestions; I'll definitely be looking up those cookbooks.

CunningLinguist: not helpful right now, but I've got a sister in DC that I think I could shanghai into a trip... Thanks for the tip.
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