Finding a specific choral arrangement for Paul Simon's "Spirit Voices"
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The King's Singers did a beautiful version of Paul Simon's "Spirit Voices" back in 1997. You can listen to the mp3 here - it's track 2 on the album also titled "Spirit Voices." I want to sing this song with some friends, just for fun, but can't find sheet music/a choral arrangement anywhere. Are there secret choir-only websites I don't know about that might have the music? If it was just one tune I'd be fine just singing along with the track, but there are multiple harmonies.
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I don't think that arrangement has been published, or at least it doesn't seem to be in print currently. Hal Leonard publishes the King's Singers' arrangements, but "Spirit Voices" isn't listed on their website. You could try contacting the publisher or the King's Singers themselves.

One back-alley way you might be able to get the music is to find a college a capella group that has transcribed the arrangement from the King's Singers' recording and ask if you can have a copy of their arrangement.
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In a similar situation, I had to contact the conductor of the King's College Choir myself, but he directed me to the arranger. Try that.
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It doesn't seem like a particularly complicated piece to me, at least not in the vocal parts - do you have any musically-inclined friends who might be able to simply transcribe it for you? My friend's a choral musician/conductor and has done this a few times for non-commercial endeavors when the sheet music was not available (mostly this involved getting her kids to sing songs for their grandparents. Go figure). Take note that this sort of thing is not legal for public performance at all - but as you say you only want to sing it for fun with friends, I suggest it as a potential option if there is no sheet music to be legally purchased.
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