Funny/Inspirational/Work-Appropriate Pictures for Chinese Colleagues
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I lead a monthly teleconference with a small team of colleagues in China, and would like to kick off each session with a funny or inspirational image or quote. Help me find something that doesn't get lost in translation!

I am new to this role, and thought it would be fun to start each of our monthly meetings with something funny or inspiring, and of course work-appropriate. I struggled to find something the first month, and ended up sharing this drawing of an elephant on a trapeze. I heard them chuckle, so I think they liked it. It was cute, inoffensive, and my boss and I worked it into a discussion about a) staying positive in the face of change, and b) people's optimism that the work they send the China team will be completed without issue, despite not always providing all necessary information up front.

I'm looking for similarly ambiguous artwork or general inspirational quotes/phrases that we could apply to work situations and that won't be lost on them or unintentionally offensive. Our audience is 5-6 Chinese women in their 20s-30s; their English skills are good, but sometimes it does take a little time to get a point across, so I don't want to use anything too wordy or that requires too much familiarity with American culture. They mostly work on data processing/analysis type tasks, but this doesn't have to be related specifically to the type of work they do.
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I would flip this around a bit. It's excellent to have a relevant piece of humor or art to start the meeting. It's awkward and cringeworthy when it's a forced joke to start every meeting. It worked last time because it was part of the discussion.

Think of the themes you are presenting in the meeting and then find a graphic or quote.
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I know Mr Bean is supposed to be universally appreciated.
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