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I am a bit dubious of all this "speed-reading" shenanigans. Is it real? Are these somewhat expensive courses actually worth the money? Has anyone done a course in the UK? If so, was it actually worthwhile? Can I learn to stop Sub-Vocalising without doing a course? I think thats the main thing slowing me down at the moment.

I was thinking of doing this course with "Government Knowledge" which seriously sounds like a dodgy pseudo-gov related company:

- Are they are reasonable company?

- Should I save the money and just buy a basic book on the subject? Can anyone recommend something that covers the basics of this "Effective Reading Techniques" as they claim to present?
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Unless you have a specific need to learn to speed read, I wouldn't bother paying for a course. Lifehacker had a recent article about speed reading, detailing a couple of apps that claim to teach you the basic skills and pros and cons of different approaches.
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I would suggest trying a basic book - you may even be able to find one at your local library! - and apply the ideas on your own. If that doesn't work, a course is always a fallback option.

(If you that particular company seems dodgy to you, you could check with your local universities to see if they have any recommendations.)
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