Fisherfolk of MeFi, help me plan a trip to Mattawoman Creek in MD?
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In the next couple weeks myself and a friend will be heading over to Mattawoman Creek in Maryland to try to nail some Snakeheads from our kayaks, somewhere from 2-5 days total. I'm looking for campgrounds, tackle shops, launching areas...whatever you can suggest.

We will be exclusively targeting Snakeheads, but expect some slight bycatch. I understand that blue cats are also invasive at this point and wouldn't mind harvesting some of those as well. We'd also like to invite you to join us, if you're amenable to such things. The goal of course is to be as inexpensive as possible. We don't need amenities.
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I have not stayed there (and I don't fish), but I've done a triathlon at Smallwood State Park and they've got campgrounds. It's a pretty area and probably your best bet for where to set up base.
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Thanks! At least I got an answer!
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