Best unnaturally coloured contact lenses?
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I'm looking at getting some yellow contact lenses for a costume and would like to know what brands of unusual lenses people have found comfortable and effective - not too vision obscuring, not -ridiculously- unnatural looking, so on.

Not a usual contact wearer, so advice on things I should watch out for in shopping on costume sites and the like is also distinctly appreciated.

(Specifically this kind of yellow for those concerned.)
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I watch a bunch of over-the-top makeup tutorials on YouTube, and a lot of them use foureyez contacts. No personal experience with them, so it's just an observation.
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Around Halloween every year there are usually a bunch of news stories about how cosmetic contacts are not always made with the best materials, can cause eye damage, etc etc. They usually recommend contacting your optometrist for quality materials. Your optometrist likely won't have cosmetic lenses, but they should be able to point you to some quality brands.
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Head to an independent optometrist. Most of them now sell cosmetic contacts that are safe for your eyes. Usually they must be special ordered.

Please don't use the cheap, costume store versions. You have one set of eyes and it isn't inward of to lose the entire eye due to infection.
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