Who are the choreographer and director of this mystery video footage?
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The dance and visuals in this video continue to represent for me the summit of a certain kind of excellence after several years of repeated viewing.

It's not an official video from the band who recorded the song. It appears instead to have been created by overlaying pre-existing footage upon the audio of the song, and adding further visual processing. The uploader has others that resemble it and are more clearly amalgams of this sort on his channel, in any case.

Does anybody have a notion who choreographed the dance or who made the film in the source videos? (Bonus points for who are the dancers!)
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Have you tried contacting the Channel owner? Via YouTube, G+ or even Facebook
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Here's some more info on Chris Brick of the Folk Farm in Wales. I think some of the footage is PD, from old instructional films, but I don't recognize that particular clip.
Email him and ask.
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Too simple! (I'm not a regular user of google+ or facebook because total surveillance society but perhaps I can track down the Folk Farm's telephone number in Cardiff.)
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