Help me setup my old Droid Razr as a music player for my stereo
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I have an old Droid Razr that I would like to plug into my stereo to stream music from Google Play. How can I control it from my Android Phone and preferably also my wife's iphone.

I totally willing to root the phone or anything to make it work. I've tried Music Remote but it doesn't seem to actually do anything / neither my phone nor my desktop can see the server on the Razr. Help?
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I'm a big fan of BubbleUPnP, which is an all-round excellent media player/controller/server for Android. I run it on all my Android devices and it would suit this purpose fine. You'd need a copy on both your android phones (both server and player) and a similar DLNA controller app on your wife's iphone. As a bonus you'll be able to stream music to the razr from any other media servers you have in the house too.
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Thanks vanar sena for the proper search terms. I ended up using UPnP Monkey cause it's free and Cast To UPnP for Gmusic because I didn't need video or anything.
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BubbleUPnP is pretty magnificent.
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