Where online can I track my weight and/or my menstrual cycle?
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I've recently become more interested in the workings and fluctuations of my body, as well as in losing weight. I have been weighing myself daily for the past month, and also recording details of my menstrual cycle for the past couple of months. I have noticed the interplay between these two things as well (I gained 2 pounds during my period and also mid-cycle [possibly ovulation?], and then lost it quickly). I am hoping to find a website (or websites) that will help me track these things and spit back for me interesting and useful data about my body and its trends. I'm especially interested in getting a weight loss trend line, and also seeing a prediction of when my period and ovulation will happen for me each month. I realize that one website may not do both things and I am happy dealing with each phenomenon separately. Any suggestions either for the most useful weight-tracker websites or cycle-tracker websites (or both together!)? Note that I do not have a smartphone so this needs to be online, not an app.
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I really like MonthlyInfo for menstrual cycle tracking.
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MonthlyInfo here too. You can set it up to send you e-mails or texts alerting you that you're about to ovulate or start your period, and reminding you to enter the data, which is nice!
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I use the app OvuView, which tracks those symptoms and many more if desired, and will graph any tracked symptoms together. I know you don't have a phone but you may be able to use the name to find similar functionality.
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FertilityFriend is marketed toward women trying to conceive (or not), but it has a ton of useful features I think you would enjoy. Weight tracking is one of them.
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Another vote for MonthlyInfo. I also have it email me re: my monthly breast exam. ( I find it helpful to do it at the same stage of my cycle every time)
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I use ovuline.com. You can track your cycle as well as your weight, your diet, your sleeping habits, etc.
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Seconding Ovuview. Tracks tons of symptoms, you can add your own and plots BBT and weight on graphs together. After about 6 months of data input, it predicts ovulation and your period with crazy accuracy even if you're irregular. It's awesome.
Oh crap, just re-read you don't have a phone.
It may be worth getting a cheap used one and just using it on WiFi for apps.
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