Best way to get phone + internet + TV in Suffolk County, NY?
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My dad's fed up with his Verizon cable + internet package. It's expensive, and they won't let him suspend it when he's not there for months at a time. He'd like to get his services from a less user-hostile service provider. Ah, but what kind? Cable? Satellite? Something over phone lines?

A big company, or a smaller and less known company?

Is it better to get different kinds of services through different pipes, e.g. cable for TV and DSL for internet?

He's out on the South Folk of Long Island. He'd like to save money, but simplicity is a big plus.

He's not a huge downloader or TV watcher.

Oh, and if I can set him up with a digital video recorder at the same time, that would be an even bigger plus. They're still watching shows when they're on.
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The local cable ISP is Cablevision. I wouldn't call them "less user-hostile" in any sense of the word. People were thrilled when FIOS started rolling out because if they wanted anything faster than DSL, Cablevision was their only choice.

Sorry and good luck!

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