Where to do (online) real estate training?
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I'm going to get my real estate broker license and want to take the required class hours online (90 for WA state). There are a number of sites that offer the classes, however none have impressed me in the least. Is there something out there I just haven't found?

I can't imagine as online education/delivery is finally improving (ala skillshare, coursera, etc) that there isn't a well-designed, solid option out there. Maybe there isn't and I'll just go with kapre.com, which is one of the only ones that at least doesn't look sketchy.
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Best answer: Proschools is probably the program I hear the most Portland/Vancouver area agents mention having gone through. I've never really quizzed anyone on what they thought of the program, though.

Have you figured out where you'll be hanging your license? If you have an idea of the company/office you'd like to join, it might be good to ask the managing broker(s) if they have any schools they think are particularly great.
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Response by poster: I ended up going with the Kaplan real estate course upon the recommendation of a few people who had used it. One thing that I hadn't seen addressed on any of the sites was what to expect. That being the case, I was assuming it was a series of videos I was going to have to watch. Instead it's all text/reading.

The Kaplan interface is pretty well done, the design modern and attractive (much better than their sales site). I started the course on my computer and noticed that the quizzes use Flash (could easily be done with html/css/javascript), so out of curiosity, I switched to my iPad to see if they have a fall-back for that and they do - everything seems to look and work fine.

@polymath - thanks for your input. The ProSchools site definitely looked better than the Kaplan one and I almost went that route, but two great personal recommendations for Kaplan, as well as a ~$50 cheaper price, swayed me. I haven't yet figured out where I'm going to hang my license. I know several of the managing brokerages have their own schools, but for some reason I wanted to keep my education separate from that. I have several contacts (brokers from the area) who I'm going to have coffee with in the next week to get their feedback and thoughts on who to go with/what to consider.
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