Soundtrack to a video game - what else was it used for? More inside
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My wife has heard the first track to the Assassin's Creed soundtrack SOMEWHERE before. She is not a gamer. Any idea what video she heard it in?

This is the soundtrack for Assassin's Creed 2.
It's really amazing. Especially the first track.

My wife swears that she has heard this piece of music before (she is not a gamer). She thinks she heard it used for another video, maybe a montage of some sort. Is there any way to find out what other projects this track has been used for? Youtube videos are likely, but this is driving her nuts. Help!
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The vocalist for the Assassin's Creed soundtracks was Melissa Kaplan, and she's also the vocalist for Universal Hall Pass-- there are similarly, um, haunting-ish tunes on their album Mercury. I just mention that in case it's one of them that she heard and she's recognizing the voice, or that maybe searching for Kaplan's name would help.
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"before" meaning? The game is from 2009.
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It actually reminds me somewhat of this, especially with the change in tempo.
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Response by poster: She probably heard this piece of music in the last two years or so, since it was pretty fresh in her mind. Barring that, something she heard a while ago would be memorable if it made a strong visual impact. Its not the Diva Dance from Fifth Element, she says.
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Is she a Game of Thrones fan? Apparently the composer's music has been used in the show, specifically the track Aphelion, which has the same vocalist (Melissa Kaplan) and the same feel as the track you linked.
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Movie trailers and game previews often use music from other movies and games if their own music isn't ready yet. It's possible she heard the track being used in such a way.
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The composer of most of the AC2 tracks, Jesper Kyd, also does very awesome film and tv show trailer music with Fired Earth Music. Their stuff has been used in GoT, as mentioned above, as well as in stuff like Man of Steel and the new Conan movie.
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