Can I force to permit only one Chrome window to be o?
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I have a habit of opening new windows in Chrome instead of new tabs. I'd like to prevent my Mac (OS X 10.9.3) from opening more than one Chrome window. I'm happy to have lots of tabs but not lost of windows!

I have the OneWindow extension, which forces new windows to open in tabs, but doesn't seem to do anything to prevent me opening new windows. I also have the Windows to Tabs extension, which is very useful in reloading all my open windows in a tab.

But nothing that keeps me locked to just one window in total. I wish I could control myself to stop opening new windows!
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One of the reasons I like Chrome is that the 'open link in new tab' option is top of the list when I right click. My automatic action in chrome is to right click, move my mouse a teensy-bit, and click again.

How are you opening tabs/windows? Is there some small physical habit you could change or develop?

Safari, gawddamnit, has the 'open link in new window' at the top of the right-click menu, with the tab option second. I am always opening new windows when I mean tabs. I am finally training myself to move my mouse a little bit more when I right click in Safari to open in a new tab instead.
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If you have a three-button mouse, clicking the middle button will open a link in a new tab. I've just trained myself to (almost) always click on the middle button when I'm following links. This isn't fool-proof, but generally guarantees that I'll only open a new window when I really want to.
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How about training yourself to use command-T to open new tabs? Command-N is what gives you a new window instead, and the likelihood of mistakenly hitting one instead of the other is very low.
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Thanks for your contributions but these answers do not directly solve the exact problem posed in the original question. Is there a way to do this other than retraining my physical habit?
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How do you actually open new windows/tabs now? Knowing that would help.
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If you're using Ctrl-N, presumably there is OSX software that could bind it as a global hotkey and play a beep instead. I think the docker only raises existing instances so you shouldn't have a problem there. If you're using shift-click on links, or the chrome menu, I don't know how to help you.
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