What/why are these mushrooms growing in my rubber plant?
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I've raised my beloved rubber plant from a little 5" guy to fine young lad of almost 5'. I noticed today that there are now little mushrooms growing on him! WTF. Is this bad for my plant & should I do something about it? Is it an indicator of something wrong in its environment? Album here.

If it matters I am in San Francisco, CA. My plant is usually watered once a week and it gets mostly indirect light through the day. The mushroom is one single cap with some little ones that aren't as big yet. It's also more of a dull chartreuse, and not as white/tan as the photos show.
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Best answer: Proud father of a budding mycologist here ... Zen, Jr. says this is a species of Leucocoprinus. Commonly arise due to over-watering. He says they are not harmful, but if you want to get rid of them place a copper penny at the base of the 'shrooms and that will kill them.
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Best answer: It's a tropical mushroom (Leucocoprinus birnbaumii) that often shows up in plant pots. It's not a sign of any kind of problem.
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Best answer: 2nd'ing common & not a cause for concern, though I admit I also flipped out the first time one appeared in my potted citrus trees. But regarding Zen Jr's advice, take care: copper may kill 'shrooms, but it can poison plants as well. You can just let them be, or pluck them out if they're bothering you.
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