What format is this timestamp: 2456799.87848174 ?
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I have an excel sheet of data extracted from a SQL database. A column in the table is headed "time" and has the following format: 2456799.87848174. How do I convert this to a human readable date and time, or even a unix timestamp?

I think the following match, very roughly, to these dates and times if it helps

22/5/14 - 0900: 2456799.87848174
22/5/14 - 1000: 2456799.89098252
22/5/14 - 1100: 2456799.90347924
22/5/14 - 1200: 2456799.92431562
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These appear to be in Julian Day Format, possibly from SQLite.
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Here is an online Julian Date converter, put the long number in the Julian date field and click Calculate.
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Brilliant, the converter is exactly what I needed - Thank you :)
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Inside Excel, =cell-2415018.5 and format as date/time gives you the timestamp.
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