Pleas help me find this book!
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There's an activity book that I saw once and I would like to find out what it was called. It's a fashion-themed activity book for adults, and all I remember about it was a couple of the activities. There was one where there was a bunch of different outlines of shirts, and you could make up patterned fabrics. There was another where you could draw a hairstyle ( a beehive?) on a woman. The tone was whimsical rather than serious, more about doodling and playing around than actual design ideas. I saw the book in Winners (Canada's TJ Maxx) a couple months ago. Any ideas as to what book this could have been?
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Perhaps My Wonderful World of Fashion?
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That's got to be it! Thank you!
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I am standing in a toy store looking at My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion, so a sequel evidently exists should you need more. :)
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