Getting Facebook Inbox Messages to Default to Full Conversation
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Pretty much what it says in the title: How can I get facebook to default to opening my inbox messages in "full conversation" mode?

I understand that facebook chat and message have been integrated for quite some time. I hate chat, I always have it off.

Inbox messages used to "copy" to chat, but I could always view/access/write Facebook inbox messages in "full conversation mode". Now, when I get an inbox message it defaults to a chat box, even though I don't have chat on. I HATE THIS. I am visually impaired and I cannot increase the font size, and I could click on the cog/settings wheel and select it, but that is a giant pain in the ass.

Is there anyway to change this back to default to full conversation mode?

I googled the issue and found people recommending FBPurity, so I downloaded it and it didn't seem to install/appear.
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Does this happen when you go in through the messages link on the side, instead of the one on the top? Like if you go to this URL when you are logged in

do you see it in normal view? I do, if I start from there but not if I clickt he talk bubble in the upper right.
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I also despise FB chat and have it turned off all the time, and I hate that messages go into that stupid little window. For me, when I see the notification on the speech bubble, I click once for the dropdown menu to appear, then instead of clicking on the message, I click on See All at the bottom of the dropdown. That opens the full page message interface, and then I can click the new conversation to view in a readable size.
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Is there anyway to change this back to default to full conversation mode?

No. You have to click messages>see all in the top bar or, in a chat box, the "gear">see full conversation.

They've eliminated essentially all the borders between chat and the messaging now. The only thing turning chat off does is make you show as offline to other people... who have chat on. That's pretty much the entirety of it.

Plugins like FBPurity break constantly as facebook unevenly rolls out updates/changes to groups of users. It's almost as if they go out of their way to break "mods" like that and force you to use the Pure Official Experience.
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Oh man.

1) I never even NOTICED the messages item in the sidebar
2) Yes, clicking that instead totally goes straight to full conversation mode.

Thanks guys!
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