Need help sourcing a quote
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I could have sworn I read Ta-Nehisi Coates write somewhere on the internet something along the lines of - "The North didn't win the Civil War, America did." The thinking behind this was that the war shouldn't be framed as "North vs. South" - but rather, "America vs. the CSA" or "America vs. some traitors." Does this ring any bells?

I just spent a couple hours going through his prolific writing about the war and attempting to apply my not-inconsiderable google-fu to the problem and I got nothing. I need to cite this source for my sermon on Sunday. Thank you!!
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Was it this?
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or this?
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Best answer: Or, crap, this?

I can't seem to find the specific quote anywhere (weird, because I've actually be reading a bunch of it today), but the theme runs through it all.
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Response by poster: That's it General Malaise! Can't believe I missed it - thank you.
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Response by poster: Specifically, I think I am sort of mentally mish-mashing this quote - "It should always be remembered that America did not "go to war" in 1860. America was attacked in 1860 by a formidable rebel faction seeking to protect the expansion of slavery."

We were attacked and we won.
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