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I'm trying to remember a site I once saw offered up as an example of good high information density web design. I think I originally saw it on AskMe but can't find it now - it was a parts catalog (lots of screws and other stuff), white background, green trim, I think the name of the company was a surname starting with M. The primary method of using the site was searching for parts by category, and it had lots of small black and white photos. Any idea what I'm thinking of?
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McMaster Carr?
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Got it in one! Thank you.
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Bonus round: I too read that article (or a similar one) praising the McMaster-Carr website for its density, and would love to revisit it. Any ideas where it might be?

(McMaster-Carr is amazing. At the time of reading, I had no idea that I'd one day regularly order hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from them without batting an eye. We build low-earth-orbit satellites using the items in their catalogue; surely there are more exotic examples.)
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(Thanks, Wikipedia.)
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