"To own a book is to want a shelf..."
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I'm trying to find any record of a saying I once heard attributed to St. Francis of Assisi; it goes something like, "To own a book is to want a shelf to put it on; to own a shelf is to want a room to put the shelf in; to own a room is to want a house; to own a house"...etc., my memory is very vague after this point. Anyone heard something like this before?
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This probably isn't what you have in mind, but if you give a mouse a cookie...
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Found this on Google Books: "If a man has a book, said Francis, then he'll want a shelf, then a library, and finally someone to bring him his books from his library." This line appears on p. 7 of James J. Martin's "Lourdes Diary."
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Following up on what MonkeyToes found, I found this:

I love the story of Brother Bernardo, who went to Francis of Assisi and asked if he could
purchase a particular book. Francis smiled and said, "―No." Bernardo protested. What harm
would a book do? Francis said, "… if you want a book, next you would want a shelf."

Searching for Bernardo and Francis stories might get you closer to the original source.
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Oh, and I think Bernardo mentioned there is almost certainly Bernard of Quintavalle.
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