Self-help books for dealing with rejection during job searches
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My partner was rejected from several jobs (she is an academic), and she is looking for self-help books for dealing with the emotional aspects of this. We found several books dealing with rejection on an interpersonal level, and there are of course many books with practical advice for job searches. Are there any books that you would recommend for dealing with emotional aspects of rejection, career difficulties, or losing a job?
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This isn't a book, but there is an online community called The Versatile PhD that currently has several active threads dealing with this very subject, both in terms of commiseration and advice. I can't remember if any books were mentioned there, but it's possible.
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Landing On The Right Side Of Your Ass was very helpful to me when I lost a job - both in terms of dealing with the practical and emotional aspects of job loss/rejection etc.
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When in a similar situation, I found Ellis's A Guide to Rational Living useful. I think I found it through Ask MeFi!
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What Color Is Your Parachute? is pretty good for helping keep a sense of perspective and staying upbeat during a job search.
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