ISO bluetooth transmitter charger
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I need to buy a replacement charger for my bluetooth transmitter but I don't know how to google what I am looking for. Help!

I have the following bluetooth transmitter that I use in order to watch TV with my wireless headphones:

(sorry for the ugly link)

I have somehow misplaced the charger for this device and I want to buy a replacement charger. The charger I had was a regular-sized USB port on one end and then a really, really skinny, mini-pin on the other end. I've been googling and I think it's a barrel jack? But I am not sure. All I know is that is is a very skinny pin-type port, that plugs into the dongle itself for charging.

Can anyone help me figure out what I should be looking for? Does anyone else have a similar bluetooth transmitter who may be able to shed some light? Or maybe someone who is more electronics-savvy than me who could maybe tell me the name of the mini-pin input I am looking for? I really don't want to do something dumb like just order a duplicate transmitter just for the charger but I'm not sure how else to get one. Help me Mefi! My SO is stuck working this weekend (from home) and I'd like to be able to watch TV without bothering him, but I can't do that with a bluetooth transmitter with a dead battery.

Thanks in advance.
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That looks like a standard micro-USB jack; you'd want a USB/micro-USB cable, if I'm right. They sell such things anywhere they sell things like cell phones and TVs these days, you can take it down there and plug it in to make sure it works.

If I'm dumbly looking at the wrong thing, let me know.
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Sadly no, I wish it was a USB to micro USB though because I have a few spare ones in the house. Ufortunately there isn't a picture of the charger cord on the Amazon link to the product, which is part of the problem; I just don't know how to describe non-USB side of the cord without a picture, but since I lost the cord I can't provide a picture. :( Its a regular USB on one side and then the other side is just a pin - kind of like a headphone jack but much much skinnier and it has a hollow tip instead of a pointy one.
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Instead of trying to find the exact match, you might have better luck with using a multi-tip/voltage power supply like this (this was just the first link I found, no idea about its quality). Find the plug that fits (sounds like the narrower one is what you're describing?), check the polarity, then start with a low voltage and gradually increase until it starts charging. Bonus that those power supplies are handy in other situations.
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Looking at the manual it charges via USB. Do you have an different model? That model looks like it takes a 5v input.
It might be worth calling them and asking about a replacement charger.
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If they can tell you the connector type/size you can find replacements.
Type h
3.5 mm
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