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In excel, I want to increase a number in sequential rows by one every three numbers. Is there a way to do this quickly, for about 5000 rows?

So it would look like this:


Is there a formula that would automate this?
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Best answer: Put the following values in:


And then format the cell to not show the decimal part.

To avoid rounding errors, you might create a hidden column that goes 3,4,5,6 next to it and then set the value of the cell you want to show to be x/3.
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Best answer: You can increase by 1/3 in each row and use trunc to trim the decimals!
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Best answer: Make the first three cells 1 and then have each cell do the value three cells back plus one.
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Best answer: I would create one column that's a count (call it column A). Then next to it put a column that is (TRUNC(A/3)+1). Look up the TRUNC function, you might need to specify 0 decimimal places. Then cut the column and paste special as values. Once you've done that you can delete column A.
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Best answer: TRUNC((ROW()/3)+2/3) will do this. You will need to adjust the offset (+2/3) if you don't want to start with row 1 as 1.
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Response by poster: Awesome, those get the job done. Thanks everyone!
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Best answer: Here's another option.

1. Type in these formulae:

A1 = 1
A2 = 1
A3 = 1
A4 = A1+1

2. Click and drag cell A4 down 5000 rows.
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