Savanna for Memorial Day - what will be Memorable?
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Cityboy and I will be in Savannah, Georgia from Friday to Monday for a Sunday wedding, but booked the long weekend as a getaway. We're in a VRBO carriage house in the Historic District on East Jones St, and need HiveMind help. We will not have a car, and will be cabbing or shuttling from the airport - suggestions on airport-to-town travel also appreciated. What local specialty food should we make sure to seek out? I'm guessing BBQ, but what else is wonderful in Savannah? What should we definitely do? Museums? Galleries? Theatre? Shops? If you are familiar with Savannah please recommend your favorite places. Favorite restaurants, especially within the area around the historic district are especially welcome. Thank you!
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I live in Savannah.

-Check out the bus from the airport, costs 1.50, very comfortable, and takes you right downtown. Airport is way out there in the boonies.

-Get a copy of the free weekly newspaper Connect Savannah (art editor is a mefite) and check out what's going on. You're in luck: this week's issue has the results of the annual Best of Savannah surveys so it will give you lots of ideas about where to eat, etc.

-The historic area is small enough that you can walk everywhere.

Feel free to memail me with specific questions.
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Mrs. Wilks' boarding house for lunch.

I had a pretty good time on a Haunted Pub Crawl.
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What local specialty food should we make sure to seek out?
Boiled peanuts were not what I expected, but if you like regular roasted and salted peanuts, you should try them.
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Ha, I used to live on the same street!

If you want southern food, try the Pink House for a less-touristy experience than Lady & Sons. Stroll along Broughton St., grab a sample of the local pralines, and head through Forsyth Park to see all the old moss-draped oaks. If you wander by Drayton St., Parker's is full of fancy snacks.

Mareli's right, by the way - if you're staying in the historic district the whole time, you can walk everywhere. Just don't wear heels if you're walking through Broughton - the streets are cobblestoned, so especially if you plan on getting tipsy, stick to comfortable shoes.
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Get an ice cream at Leopold's.
If you were a girl scout go to the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace and the first GS headquarters.

When I was there in October I went to a soulfood( that seemed black owned and run)place south of downtown that served beer, wine and butter with the cornbread and biscuits , but I'm blanking on the name. I also went to sisters for lunch, but it didn't look like they had a liquor licence.
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Get the scored flounder at the Old Pink House. It will change your life.
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For a small breakfast and a great cup of coffee, try the kalachkes (sic?) at The Coffee Fox on Broughton. I don't know if this place is unique to Savannah but it feels like it to me. Also, when you're down by the river, be sure to check out the street performers. There's a great magician who might still be there - Ray Raymond. Tell him the internet sent you.
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Thank you for the suggestions all! Thanks so much for the transpo from the airport tip, mareli. Will try to get to all the other restaurants suggested, but it may be a fattening weekend . . .

I feel like after reading the painful testimonial from Matt about the layoffs of MeFi mods we should all just be (even) nicer to each other. I am, sheesh, admitting a sentimental affection for Metafilter. Thanks, mods, for all the fascinating hours!
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I should have given you the website for ConnectSavannah and for the bus. Have fun!
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The Jepson is the local art museum to see. It's part of the Telfair museums. The Telfair itself is across the street, not sure about what is in the collections there. Ships of the sea museum is good, State Railroad museum is right downtown and had a great collection of antebellum industrial structures to go with the RR collection.
Getting around downtown, - we have a couple of pedicab services. Savannah Pedicab is one. (disclaimer: I've been friends with the owner for 20 years or so.) Nice way to travel short distances and actually *see* things.
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