What's going on in Washington, DC this weekend, and where should we eat?
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Visiting with my brother and a friend, mid-20s males. Museums and government-y stuff are fun but we don't want to spend entire days on them. Music, art galleries, performances, etc would be good. Partying and excessive drinking are definitely on the table. Also looking for restaurant suggestions, anything from ethnic holes in the wall to fine dining.
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Hole in the wall and very good:

Amsterdam Falafelshop
(Adams Morgan location)
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And while you're there, go see Black Masala at 9:00 Saturday night, at Bossa Bistro and Lounge, 2463 18th ST NW, about 300 feet up the street.
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Jazz in the Sculpture Garden is a D.C. institution for overworked young professionals on Friday nights and the first one is tomorrow.
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Is there still good Ethiopian in Adams Morgan? If so, get a meal with others involving injera.

Is Kramer books still serving at 11:30 PM on a Saturday night? Kinda neat place.
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Also, nightlife at Howard university...I think the metro stop is U-street is god damn fun. People are so nice. Some of the funniest things I have heard in my life have been here on Saturday nights. Also, students are fit.
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Kintaro in Georgetown! Would suggest going during off times as it's quite small and busy. But goddamn, so delicious and cheap for the portions as of last summer-- it was new then, so they may have adjusted the menu. Ramen was good, tuna belly was great, yellowtail jaw was DELICIOUS! (Like, one of my favorite dishes of all time.)
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The Ethiopian food in DC is great. Here's a (maybe slightly outdated) list from the Washington Post.
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Get pupusas. (Explanation for the uninitiated). Anywhere will do, though you'll probably do best at one of the places along 14th street.

I'm all for excessive drinking in DC, but unless you like doing it with frat bros I would stay out of Adams Morgan at night and do your partying elsewhere.
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Mitsitam Cafe at the National Museum of the American Indian is really like really good.
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There's Summerfest DC this Saturday; a ticketed all-you-can-drink sampling of various beers and wines.
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Elikeh is at Jazz in the Sculpture Garden Friday. Energetic Afro-pop with a Deadhead pianist--I'm totally going if my special lady friend agrees.
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U Street corridor is my current favorite going-out neighborhood. Here's how I'd plan out your night:
1. Book shopping at Politics & Prose
2. Ethiopian food at Dukem or Etete
3. Pop into The Gibson (call/text before 5pm to get a reservation) for some of the best damn cocktails in the city
4. Go to the Black Cat, a fun club and piece of DC history - they're having the Black Cat Bacchanalia tomorrow night which should be good times.
5. Get your drunk food at the new Amsterdam Falafelshop location on 14th - it's every bit as good as the Adams Morgan spot but there's actually room to breathe
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Oh, and skip the famous but overrated Ben's Chili Bowl.
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My favorite Ethiopian restaurant by a huge margin is Ethiopic on H st.

U st is great. Black Cat is you want live music/divey. Marvin's has a nice roof deck.

Rasika in is fantastic upscale Indian food. Poste has a gorgeous outdoor courtyard bar. Both in downtown/china town area.

Founding Farmers is great.
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I think capricorn basically has it. (Gibson may or may not happen, depending. But you're lucky that most locals clear out of town this weekend.)

But the neighborhood around U/14th sounds like where you want to be for the kind of thing you're looking for.
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I was in DC a few weeks ago and had a fantastic experience at Proof. Highly recommended.
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It'll be the last weekend of Damage Control at the Hirschhorn - go see it

You might enjoy getting Bikeshare bikes (there are three-day passes available from the stations by swiping a credit card, I believe) and just biking around. Touring the monuments at night on a bike is really fun, everything is lit up and it's cooler and not crowded.

Agree that the best Ethiopian food here is Ethiopic at 4th and H NE. From there you could always go further east on H St where there are tons of bars and restaurants.

Other bars.. the Passenger (Mt Vernon Square), Red Derby (Columbia Heights/Petworth), the Saloon (U St), Marvin (U St), ChurchKey (U St - always crowded, but might be OK on a holiday weekend), Red Room at the Black Cat (U St), Boundary Stone (Bloomingdale), Wonderland Ballroom (Columbia Heights), Daikaya (Chinatown - upstairs bar is great but pricey, downstairs the ramen place is fantastic). Wonderland Ballroom has a DJ upstairs on weekends and if you are mid 20s and want to go drink to excess and go dancing that might be a good place. Hole in the wallish, you might want to grab food at the Fast Gourmet just off U St, it's basically the shop in the gas station - sandwiches are awesome. Amsterdam Falafel is always good. There's a good sandwich shop called SUNdeVICH in an alley near Mt. Vernon Square and a bar right there as well.

I don't know what kind of music you all like.. I go to U St Music Hall (best place to go dancing), DC9, Black Cat, 9:30 Club. In general if I didn't really feel like planning but wanted to go out I'd just go to U St metro station and wander around/decide from there.
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Rolling Thunder on Sunday the 25th. The largest single-day motorcycle event in the US! Lots of motorcycles riding down the National Mall. Watch out for road closures! Thanks Veterans!
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Ride the metro to Arlington Court House go to Bayou Bakery. Also Bub and Pops sandwich shop on M ST NW near Dupont.
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Thanks for the awesome answers everyone! This weekend is gonna be great!
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