What was this old PBS show that's haunting me?
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I think it's from the late 70s-early 80s. A woman, her fish/butterfly net, her little house/hut thing, and nature. I don't think I made it up...

I am pretty sure it was on PBS - probably after sesame street or mr rogers, etc - or maybe it was a segment in one of those shows? A woman with dark short hair had a nature center/house building, and I think the show was structured like: nature center shot where she talks about animals, her in her waders or pants and a giant net walking around outside, and then back in her building with whatever she just caught. I think one episode had frogs.

A few years ago, I came across someone asking about this show on a forum (ask yahoo?) but no one knew what it was. Now, I can't even find that link. I'd love to find clips of this, but hey, I'd settle for a title, or even just if anyone else can add to my description...

I know it's not Fred Penner's Place, or anything animated. I don't think there was a theme song?
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Hodge Podge Lodge?
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This video of Hodge Podge Lodge looks promising.
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Oh my gosh, that is it. I recognize the frog in the intro. I can't believe it - I have been thinking about this for twenty years. Thank you to you both!
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You can visit the actual Hodge Podge Lodge at the Howard County Conservancy. I can't find a reference to it on their website, but I know its there because I was married elsehwhere on the property just a few weeks ago. Here's at least one reference in the Baltimore Sun.
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