What was this article about an ambitious film?
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About 3-6 years ago, I read an article visiting the set of an ambitious film. Does anyone remember the piece, and know if the film in question was ever released?

Things I remember: the director was highly eccentric, and obsessively forced everyone on set to be in character 100% of the time, to only wear their character's outfits and to form a piece of their world. I think he was a first or second-time director. I think the film may have been from eastern Europe, perhaps Russia? It was possibly a period piece, or maybe sci-fi. I think the article was a piece of long-form journalism and linked by quite a few places online.
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Best answer: Dau.
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And no, it hasn't been released. It's allegedly been in post-production for a while now and has been selected for at least two separate Cannes premieres in the last decade.
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Response by poster: Thank you! That's it, and I can rest easy for the time being.
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