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What is the best futon mattress I can buy from a brick and mortar store like Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, etc? I am in Northwest Arkansas, so Ikea is not a viable option.
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It really depends on what you want it for. I wouldn't get a futon from a big box store to be honest, they're kind of shitty in quality as are the frames.

But, if it's for a guest room, or occasional use, they're fine.

Tucker's Furniture store in Rogers has futons, and they're likely to be much better quality than one you get at Wal-Mart.

I would say that a futon store, that deals only in futons, or even a foam place, will have MUCH better futons, that are suitable for daily use. My parents bought some Futons in Albany, CA from a specialty store 30 years ago and they're STILL comfortable to sleep on.
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The futon will originally be used as a living room couch for a few weeks until we buy the couch we want and then as a sometimes overnight guest bed and a couch for the office.
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I agree that a mattress from a dedicated futon store will be vastly better in quality. I've also bought one from a mattress outlet store and I was very pleased with it.
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This is a long-shot, but is there a futon maker anywhere near you? Maybe you've already checked, but they do seem to settle in the weirdest places, and there was definitely one in the small town where I grew up in rural TN.
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This one from Walmart has in-store pickup or free shipping available, and it's the style that I've found to be the most comfortable when I've had to sleep on a friend's futon.

There are also these foldy cushion things that I remember from college - they aren't super durable (they definitely lose their shape over a year of sitting/sleeping) but they're fairly comfy and seem perfect for the kind of use you're describing.
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I agree that the ones from "big box" stores are not going to be good quality. There are usually b&m futon-specific stores, or at least furniture stores with a decent collection.
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