Corporate copy editors of Metafilter, untie!
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Is there anyone else like us out there? Help me find other copy editors in the business world for networking and discussion of best practices.

I work as a copy editor at a software company with between 10,000 and 20,000 employees. My small team is responsible for editing pretty much all the external business communications for the company, including web ads, emails, marketing pieces, and white papers (but no online help, user guides, etc. -- that's a different team). We would like to connect with other corporate copy editors to compare processes and best practices, but we're having serious trouble finding anybody who does what we do. We can find newspaper copy editors, technical editors, and marketing communications writers -- but nobody else quite like us.

Do you know of a professional association or other group that caters to our ilk? Even an online forum or Facebook group? Are you out there, corporate copy editors of Metafilter?
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Start with Facebook's Editors' Assocation of Earth and/or their private Backroom. You may find folks like you there, or get recommendations for other places. (I'm a fiction copy editor.)
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I work as an editor in a niche industry, and our company subscribes to the newsletter from I find they tend to represent editors from all types of industries. Have you poked around their website at all?
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There are copy editors of all descriptions on the Copyediting-L discussion list, which gets pretty lively. The main site also links to various copy editors' blogs.
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