Vegan pinto bean recipes
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I'm having dinner with my favorite vegan tomorrow. I would really love to use some dried pinto beans I have from Rancho Gordo. I don't seem to be finding anything by googling other than suggestions about making refried beans. Is that really my best option?
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I am a terrible cool in that I just throw things at the pot. Onions, roasted garlic, veggie stock, water, bit of salt. Cook appropriate amount in pot on stove or in crock pot.

Appropriate - how much beans, what cooking method, how much prep & cooking time have you?
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I am a full time student, so I have an entire day.
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Are you looking for a main dish, or a side? If it's the latter, what sort of entree are you serving?
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(I promise I'll go away after this) I'm really looking for probably a compelling main dish.
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Refried beans on tacos or tostadas is a great option. Don't forget the vegan cheese and sour cream.

Some things I left out of my earlier list of toppings: cilantro, grilled onions and peppers, grilled corn kernels, shredded raw beets, cabbage, or radish.
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I made Homesick Texan's Ranch Style Beans last week (substituting vegan beef broth so you might be cautious with the salt to taste part) and they were pretty damned good.

Rice and beans are always a good main dish for me. Maybe using green chile since they are pintos. Oh, and maybe topped with vegan sour cream. Dang. Now I'm hungry.
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Bean enchiladas might work--they're less DIY than tacos, so often read as fancier.
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I endorse the directions that Rancho Gordo gives to cook their beans simply.

That said, for a fun main dish, a can of hominy lets you do a vegan take on pozole.
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I'm looking at Rancho Gordo's cookbook Heirloom Beans. For pinto beans the index lists: bean-stuffed pupusas, chile rellenos Rancho gordo, drunken beans, refried bean masa empanadas, and regular refried as a a side for mains. Most of the recipes would need tweaking to be vegan but there are some ideas for you.
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Looking through the actual recipes in the list above the masa empanadas are vegan and the pupusas just need a cheese sub. The others on the list need more work to veganize. I'll gladly email you a couple of the recipes if you want. I would maybe try the emapanadas or pupusas with a really nice salad with green onions and jicama and corn to round out a whole meal. Also adding roasted vegetables to empanadas or pupusas would be nice. The only problem with these options is you still have to cook the beans first, then assemble... so maybe pozole would really be better!

This is on the RG website Rancho Gordo Bean and Vegetable Posole
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Kenji Lopez-Alt's superlative vegan chilli calls for two cans of kidney beans instead of pinto beans, but I see no reason why you can't substitute your pinto beans. Serve with some cashew sour cream (NB: people who tell you to use lemon juice in vegan sour cream are liars - use apple cider vinegar instead) and vegan cornbread and please invite me also over.
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Bean and Squash Mole This recipe is almost vegan... easy to substitute the butter with oil.

(I like looking through recipes)
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This kale with pinto beans and roasted red peppers will change your life.
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If you can get your hands on some vital wheat gluten -- try the bulk section at your local hippie market or look for a bag or box of it in the baking aisle at the regular grocery store -- I promise your favorite vegan will be duly impressed by these steamed pinto bean sausages. They are very easy and super-delicious.

Rajma masala would also be tasty. Just swap out the kidney beans for pinto, butter for oil, and coconut milk for dairy cream, and serve over jeera pulao.
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In fact, browsing through 101 Cookbooks' bean archive or Smitten Kitchen's bean archives will yield a ton of really gorgeous delicious vegan-or-veganizable recipes for bean main courses.
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Bean & Butternut Tacos with Green Salsa. Just omit or substitute the queso fresco/feta.
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If you're not enthusiastic about the Mexican flare that most recipes have, consider Rajma Masala, which is Indian spices.
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For ease of preparation and a wonderful spicy/smoky flavor, you can't beat having a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in your pantry. For example, this simple recipe Chipotle Pinto Beans (obviously leave out optional ham hock) or this one for Basic Pinto Beans.

If you don't mind doing the adobo sauce from scratch (or just sub in the canned variety), this Pinto Beans with Kale and Adobo Sauce looks spiffy as well.
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You could do a vegan version of Hoppin' John. Omit the bacon and use smoked Spanish paprika for a similar smoky flavor.
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BTW, don't limit your search to pinto beans. Beans are largely interchangeable in recipes, though the flavors will differ in subtle ways depending on which beans you use.
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If soy chorizo is available in your area, you can add it to refried beans. Yummy!
Seconding bean enchiladas. :) Or bean tacos.
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