Name of European movie about couple's marital problems
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Calling all movie buffs -- I saw a trailer for a movie, but I have forgotten its name. It was European, probably French. It was about a married couple. They were both white. The man had brown hair and was heavier set, but I might be wrong. The woman had brown hair and was normal build. The man was older than the woman, but I might be wrong.

The main conflict of the movie was about how the husband was always disappointed in her wife and the trailer showed her verbally fighting back at his constant disappointment. There were several outside scenes, one possibly on a walking bridge or near water. There was nothing particularly extraordinary about the movie -- no explosions, violence, etc. Just a married couple mostly arguing about the husbands disapproval / disappointment in his wife.

I may have seen the trailer on Cache DVD, but I might be wrong.

This is probably too little information to go on, but I'm hoping a movie buff can help. Thanks for any responses.
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Could it be Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage? It looks like a Criterion edition came out not too long before Cache.
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@firechicago - Sorry, I don't think that's it. I think it was more contemporary, maybe in the 2000s.
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If it was a very recent film, could it be The Past? I saw a trailer for it only a few months ago in the cinema.
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This seems somewhat familiar to me as well -- I see a lot of movies in arthouses -- but the description is sufficiently vague that it covers half the trailers I have seen for European dramas. For what it's worth, though, I checked my copy of the Caché DVD and there are no trailers on the release I have.
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@mymbleth - Sorry, I don't think that's it. I don't remember it being recent as in the past year, more like 2000s or early 2010s.
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@ricochet biscuit - Sadly, that is exactly how I feel. What I remember is so vague that it applies to so many movies. What I thought was different was the focus on the wife's frustration with her husband constantly being disappointed in her.

I remember the dialogue as something like "I know I'll never be what you want. You will always be disappointed." The conflict wasn't around affairs or money or any traditional marital issues. That's what made me want to watch it.

Thanks for looking into the Cache DVD. I was going to rent it for that reason. I'll check all of the other DVD candidates.
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Could it be Gabrielle? Here's a review.
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Here are a couple of others you might check:

Errance (trailer)

5x2 (trailer)
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Thanks everyone for helping. I think I'll need more distinctive details for me & the rest of the community to be able to figure it out.
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Okay, I don't think this will help, but I looked at another version of Caché on DVD which, unlike ricochet's release, has a bunch of trailers on it.

The only two which come even slightly close to your description -- basically, people with brown hair talking about relationships -- are Friends With Money (trailer) and Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School (trailer).

(The other movies with trailers on the DVD, in the interest of completion: The White Countess, Breakfast on Pluto, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Joyeux Noël, Don't Come Knocking, Capote, Why We Fight, and a Cirque du Soleil performance.)
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@Karlos the Jackal - Sorry, none of those either. I actually got Cache and A Separation from the library recently, thinking I saw it on one of those movies. But man, did you go above and beyond!
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The folks on here are giving probably more effort than me, so I thought I'd try to post as many details as I can remember. This is all from my weak memory, so please forgive me if I got the details completely wrong.

The film was set in contemporary times. It definitely wasn't a period piece. I would guess 2000s as the decade.

In one of the scenes, the couple walked in a city, along a river with bridges, similar to these pictures of Amsterdam.

The husband had a build and wardrobe similar to Gerard Depardieu in this picture, only with brown hair:

The couple was middle-aged, not 20 somethings or elderly for sure.

The dialogue included her telling him to not constantly criticize her, that she could not meet his high expectations, and that she knew he was disappointed in her. I don't remember him arguing back, and almost agreeing to everything she said.

Again, I'm grasping at straws here. If someone can find it, great. I will literally give you a Paypal reward or something. If not, I'm already surprised by how great the responses have been.
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