The Cinematic Sales Pitch - I need the expertise of movie and tv buffs..
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I'm looking to watch clips of sales pitches that appeared in movies or television - anything over the past 50-60 years but the more recent the show or movie would be better. Think of something like a scene in Mad Men where Don Draper absolutely nails the sales pitch to the client.

If you can think of any, please let me know the movie or show title and if you have any memory of approximately where the sales pitch occurred in the movie or tv show. If it's a tv show I'll need at least the season and episode. I want my staff to nail an upcoming sales pitch and I'd love to make a fun supercut with some killer inspiration!
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A bit of fun, The Pitch in Moulin Rouge. It's a musical number too which might raise a few smiles.
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It's been a long time since I saw The Hudsucker Proxy or Tucker: A Man and His Dream, but IIRC there were plenty of flashy sales scenes in both movies.
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Tommy Boy.

There are a number of sales pitch sequences that occur about midway through the movie.
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Cut in some bits from Baldwin's monologue in Glengarry Glen Ross!!!
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The Suck Kut in Wayne's World.
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I love this scene from Wolf of Wallstreet too
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Helen Hunt's Nike pitch in What Women Want.
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There's a bunch in Boiler Room too
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Iron Man!
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There's a fun "sales" scene of a sort in Little Shop of Horrors, where Audrey II is seducing Rick Moranis to kill people in exchange for fame and fortune. "How'd you like a Cadillac Car? Or a guest shot on Jack Parr? How's-about a date with Heddy Lamarr? You gonna get it!"

(Lyrics from memory. Despite being somebody who is not that big into musicals, Little Shop has a way of turning me into a Glee kid.)
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Robert Altman's THE PLAYER, especially the opening sequence. It's satire, but still fantastic.
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Mad Men: Don killing the Kodak pitch for the Carousel.
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For movie pitches check out Swimming With Sharks.

Jerry McGuire has some "You need my services" style pitches.

Please post the supercut on YouTube when you're done!
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Nothing in Common. (Also, the ad team meetings during the ramp-up to the pitch are pretty funny, iirc.)
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Do reality shows count? The Pitch immediately came to mind - that's what the whole show is about.

This is also done in pretty much every episode of The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice.
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In the movie "Big" Tom Hanks is working for a toy company. Some men are pitching a new type of transformer where the robot turns into a building and he says "I don't get it." He then proceeds to come up with a better idea.

I tried to find a clip online to link to, but couldn't find one. (Or at least not one that wasn't blocked by my work's firewall...)
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Thank you all so much, these are fantastic!!!
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