Men's Shave in Philadelphia on Sunday?
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Trying to book a group shave/trim for a bearded wedding party this Sunday in Philadelphia. The only place that appears to be open that day is Art of Shaving and they're booked for the time we need. Any recommendations on places to try? We've researched so far and can't find anything open then. If there are any salons that do this service as well we'd be interested although hoping to keep it less than 50-60 a person. Thanks!
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I don't know about groups, but I get my hair cut & the occasional shave at The Duke Barber Co. in Northern Liberties. They're open Sundays & I really like the place.
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Call ahead, but barber shops catering to African American men often do shaves and beard trims.
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I don't have any specific recommendations but perhaps if you have a large enough group or pay enough to make it worthwhile to the barbers, ask the barbers if they could open off hours especially for your group?
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Haven't been there in many years, but maybe Style of Man in the Shops at Liberty Place? Looks like they're open.
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Does it have to be in Philly proper? I've always been pleased with the straight razor shaves at I'm Sergio, out in Conshohocken, and it looks like they've got plenty of Sunday availability.
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