What to do on (Not Quite!) Memorial Day in NYC?
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I'll be spending this Sunday (the day before Memorial Day) in NYC with a friend who is flying out the country on Monday midday. This friend loves Memorial Day, the parade, the patriotism, the pageantry, etc., and is sad to have to miss it. I'd love any suggestions for events, activities, bars, sights, etc. that we can do or attend or visit on Sunday that have a Memorial Day/Patriotic theme in or around NYC. I've looked briefly online, but nothing really leaps out at me from event calendars for the weekend. I'd be happy with one-off suggestions (particular play, performance, concert, parade, etc.) as well as sites that can be visited year-round (memorials, bars, cemeteries, etc.). Ideally, we'd like high energy, drinks, crowds, but can also bring that to the table ourselves if needed - but inherently quiet and contemplative places like the 9-11 Memorial for example are probably not what we're looking for this time around. Thanks very much in advance!
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Not sure of specific events but Fleet Week is now thru 5/27 - so I am sure there will be some "Patriotic" type things going on for Sunday.
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Governors Island opens this weekend. It's only open May - September and is a five minute ferry ride away from Manhattan or Brooklyn. Take a picnic, rent a bike and explore the island. Great views of the New York harbor and Statue of Liberty. There's a vintage baseball game Sunday at 11:00am.
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The Fleet Week suggestion was great - the website has a lot of events listed. Thanks for the tip, MrsMGH. And I do love Governors Island... Thanks so far, keep 'em coming!
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The Soldiers and Sailor's Monument on 89th and Riverside is a lovely spot to sit and hang out - they always have a service on the morning of Memorial Day which you might be able to get to and still make a midday flight, depending on which airport and when you consider midday.
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