Help me understand "Camera Roll" vs. "My Photo Stream"
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I have an iPhone 4S running IOS7. I do not understand the relationship between the camera roll and the photo stream. Sometimes, it seems like photos are in one or the other. Sometimes it seems like they're in both. Sometimes it seems like deleting one deletes both copies. Sometimes it doesn't. Please help me make sense of it.
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As I understand it, Camera Roll is EVERYTHING.
You can put images in the Camera Roll into albums, then they live in both your Camera Roll and the album. When you delete an image from the album, it tells you that it will still remain in your photo library.

When you click on Photos, it shows you your photos in the Camera Roll in many different ways - years, month, date, location, etc.

I tend to avoid this one because it confuses me as well and stick with the Albums and Camera Roll view.

Is this latter one what you mean when you say "photo stream" or are you seeing this term in an app or something?
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Camera roll: photos you took on your phone or saved to your camera roll through photo apps, from emails, or from the web.

Photo stream: connects and shares all your photos to your iCloud devices that you have set up automatically when you're connected to wifi. You can change this under the photos area on your phone settings and manage your devices on your iPads and computers in their settings for iCloud.

For example. I take a photo wih my Nikon and put it on my computer. I have photo stream set up so it shows up on my phone too. I take a picture with my phone and it shows up on my iPhoto on my Mac as well. I can then import them into my home Mac hard drive through iPhoto.

If you select "albums" under your photos you'll see camera roll and photo stream. If you have stream set up there will be more photos overall in that but it should include the photos from your camera roll.
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Crystalline: That's exactly the explanation I needed. Thank you!
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I'd like to know, in addition, if you can manually add photos from the camera roll to the photo stream? Sorry to thread hijack.
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It should automatically back up when you're on wifi. However I've had some times with a delay. You can try going into settings and into iCloud then backup and storage "Back up now" at the bottom. I've had luck with that getting photos over to my computer that were missing. I don't know of another way, but there may be something else.
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