Does this type of online/mobile news service exist?
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I'm looking for what I can only describe as the Sunday paper of online news, but with significantly fewer stories, "delivered" to me once or twice a week. More criteria inside.

I'm looking for what I can only describe as the Sunday paper of online news, but with significantly fewer stories, "delivered" to me once or twice a week. I'm having trouble finding something that is right.

The perfect candidate would look something like this:
  • Sent to me via email or mobile notification once a week (maybe twice a week).
  • Contains a dozen or so of the top stories of the previous week. The stuff that I should know about to be an informed citizen of the world and the US.
  • The stories linked within provide all of the context I would need to have a general understanding of the news item and any related information. It shouldn't read like a breaking news story - it should be more like a synopsis.
  • The stories/synopses don't have to be super short and simplified. I don't necessarily need something like Circa and would probably prefer something with more meat.
  • Nothing else. I don't need or want a place to go check regularly.
  • Obviously less bias/spin is better.
  • Bonus points if there are videos and photos to supplement the text
  • Super bonus points if there are links to stuff that would help me read or learn more if the story interests me.
  • Super mega bonus points if it contains local news (although I've never seen this done very well outside of local papers).
I've realized that I've become almost completely uninformed. I don't have cable or network TV and I've slowly lost interest in checking the news online every day. I don't want to put the effort or time into being constantly plugged in, but I still want to have a good understanding of what's going on in the world. News really doesn't happen that quickly and I don't think these two desires are mutually exclusive, but I can't find anything that supports this style of news consumption.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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It's daily, but The Skimm might fit.
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Economist weekly newsletters
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Wikipedia has a Current Events portal. I think it is a good candidate for what you want to read (short summary, links to more detail, worldly and usually non-biased). The delivery part is missing, though.
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Best answer: I just subscribed to The Best of Journalism - I am sent articles 2x a week. This costs $1.99 a month.

Also, Harpers Magazine sends out a weekly summary of events every Tuesday. The cost is free.
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The Week has a digital edition. UK-centric, but pretty broad. Not free. I read it for a while and it's a very good, relatively non-partisan overview of international news.
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Response by poster: I was hoping there was more of this type of thing, but many of these suggestions are still great. I've been getting the Harpers weekly summary for a couple months now and have been enjoying it. Exactly what I wanted!
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