Resources for abuse/DV in the Netherlands?
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What are some good helplines and other resources for women in abusive relationships in the Netherlands?

Just heard of a friend-of-a-friend in what sounds like a harrowing abusive relationship. Unfortunately she's a continent & and ocean away, and relatives/close friends on-site are possibly in short supply. I looked around on google for resources to at least pass on but came up short - can anyone help?

She lives in the southwest, if it matters.
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Check out the Blijf Groep for help on the ground. But if she speaks English you can pass on info form orgs in your area.
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Does she read Dutch? If so, she can use this page to find a support group in her area.
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She reads and speaks both Dutch and English, and is pregnant (third trimester.)
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rjs has the best answer
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Steunpunt Huiselijk Geweld provides advice and support and can help put her in touch with other organizations; local branches listed here by province. National telephone number: 0900 – 1 26 26 26.

Women's shelters, scroll down for an interactive map with contact information.
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