How do I get a mental health evaluation?
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About a year and a half ago, I went through a serious depressive episode - the only one of my life. I saw a psychiatrist three times and completed about a year of therapy (with a therapist, not with the psychiatrist). Then I moved across the country. Now I need to get a clean bill of health - how?

After moving, I did not find a new therapist in my new city, as I felt (and still feel) mentally healthy.

I suppose I'm looking for the mental health equivalent of "getting a physical" or "a checkup"; I would like to undergo whatever evaluations I need to undergo in order to have a current record reflecting my good mental health. I have no idea how to go about doing this, as I've never contacted any sort of mental health provider when I wasn't having a problem. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?

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Are you doing this for your own peace of mind or because you need it for an employment-related thing (i.e. must be certified ok before you can be hired/promoted/allowed to do X)?

If you're in the US, on standard employer health insurance, you should start with your primary care physician. That doctor can write a note, basically an anti-referral, that says you don't need to see a therapist (assuming that would be your goal). Or they can write a referral that would make the therapist visit insurable, and you pick basically any therapist/psychiatrist in network.

Another idea would be call up your old therapist's office and see if they can "see you" over the phone for a final session.
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Have your old therapist write a letter saying that you "graduated" therapy and stopped because you were better.

If you need it for an employment-related reason (which sounds kind of fishy, if you're in the US) then there may be a form that they can provide to you.
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Generally unless you need documentation for some purpose you don't. And I've never heard of needing it. You just don't go. If your feeling uncertain you can get connected to a psychiatrist so your a patient so it's easier to get am appointment if you need one.
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