Twin Cities Gardening: Gallon Tomatoes
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This is specific to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area--what garden shops have gallon tomatoes on sale? These are the plants that are already grown up a couple of feet or more, may have flowers or even fruits already, and come in gallon or similarly sized pots.

Sometimes these are marketed as "patio tomatoes", but that can also mean tomato plants in nice-looking pots that are meant to be left out as container plants. Those are nice, but not what I'm intending to do, I want to plant these. (Home Depot has these sort of "patio tomatoes" this year.)

I used to get them at Linder's every year--Linder's is sadly out of business.

I'm aware of Wagner's. Pletscher's in New Brighton has had a few. Gertens in Inver Grove has some grafted tomatoes that seem to be trending this year (downside: long drive for me). Anywhere else?

Bonus points for heirlooms. Thanks.
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I haven't been by yet this year, but I can recommend checking out Eggplant Urban Farm Supply in Saint Paul. I think they had some last year.
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Oh, and also Bachman's.
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Our neighbors just bought some at Costco.
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I was just at Eggplant and I don't believe I saw any, but you can call and ask. The St Paul farmer's market will often have them.
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The CostCo in Eden Prairie and Burnsville has them. Well, at least they did this weekend.
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Have you checked out Pahl's out in Apple Valley? They might have them. I would give them a call.
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I've purchased them at Bachman's in the past. Don't know about this year though.
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I just saw these at Mother Earth Gardens in Longfellow for $17.
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Response by poster: All good answers, thanks everyone.

(For the record, some cheapie, non-heirloom ones have been showing up in the Cub parking lot garden tents, too.)
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