Ads and concert promos from the late 60s
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I'm trying to rebuild a now defunct internet radio station called "Technicolor Web Of Sound". One of the great things about TWOS was that in addition to playing psychedelic music from the late 60s was that it also played advertisements and concert promotions from that era:​web/20110926052525/​http://​​/playlist.cfm?​promos=yes. These audio clips made the station sound very authentic. However, finding these audio clips is proving difficult. Does anyone know where I might start to track down these clips?

I could ask the original creator of the station, but I get the feeling he doesn't want to be contacted. On my to-do list is to also ask nicely the creators of other similar 60s internet radio stations.
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The "Cruisin'" series of albums have a variety of commercials, bumpers, station IDs, show themes, etc., in between the musical tracks. I'll bet, unless the TWOS guy collects 16" transcription albums or is from a radio station with an archive , this is where they're from.

Edit: Sorry, I hadn't clicked your link -- a lot more than from Cruisin' there. I'd like to know where he got them, too :)

Edit Edit: did you look at those CD covers from the right margin in the list? They are real records and show up on Amazon and such.
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Response by poster: Oh, awesome @AzraelBrown, looking at the list now to see if there's anything I can use
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Response by poster: Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that I'll probably order those CDs.

The promos from the cruisin CDs are awesome and pretty close. I'll probably end up using them, thanks :)
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Response by poster: Stop press!
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Best answer: I was just about to post the 1960s Psychedelic Radio Commercials CD. An amazing compilation.
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Delighted to see that 1960s Psychedelic Radio Commercials is available on Spotify!
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