How do you follow threaded comments?
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On sites like Captain Awkward or The Toast, I would really like to be able to follow the comments. But I can never tell which ones are new since I last read them. What tricks do people have? Livejournal at least marks comments as new.
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On sites with comment permalinks (it appears the Toast is one) I just click the permalink of the last comment I read, and leave the tab open. I use Chrome, so the next day when I open the browser, it opens on that comment and I can just read down. (Bookmarks would do the same thing.)
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But what about earlier comments that get replies which show up above that comment I have permalinked? Your solution works fine for flat comment threads, but I don't see how I can use it to easily see all and only new comments since the last time I read if the comments are threaded.
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There are drawbacks to threaded comments! I've never seen a discussion system that offers a "show comments posted after my last cookie," which would be wonderful.

Dreamwidth is an Open Source fork of LJ's code, and it offers an "expand all threads" command. By clicking or by default, one gets one HTML page containing all the comments, up to the limit set by the author for comment batching. LJ has reincorporated lots of DW changes, so that might be possible on LJ today' combine that with "show new" and you're getting closer.
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