Events on the National Mall
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Is there a site that tracks events happening on the National Mall?

Is there a site that tracks events on the National Mall? I know about this site, but it is woefully incomplete. I'm looking for a reasonably comprehensive list of parades, protests, marches, demonstrations, races, etc. I am specifically interested in events on the Mall, and specifically not interested in events inside any of the Smithsonian museums.
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As far as I know, NPS does not publish a comprehensive list of all permitted activities, and I believe this is due to not wanting to appear to endorse those activities.

If you let us know what you wanted to do with that information, there might be an indirect way. Like, for example, if you wanted to stay the hell away from the Mall anytime there is crazy crowds, WTOP is pretty good about mentioning big events a day or two in advance.
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Response by poster: Quite the opposite! One of my favorite things is to run from Bethesda into DC, and across the mall. I'm constantly amazed at the wide variety of things going on, and I've been known to pause my run, and browse around a bit. What I'm really after is a list of things I'm likely to encounter so that I can plan my runs accordingly!

I've seen more parades in the staging/prep phase this way. One of the most surprising finds -- that I didn't hear about from any source before or after -- was the One Million Bones project.
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