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What are some of the best family camps in the US?

I'm interested in hearing about your favorite family camps anywhere in the US that are in nice locations, have lots of great activities, and provide a fun and memorable experience. If possible please provide some details about what's good about each one and also what the food and facilities are like. Thanks!
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Tyler Place in Vermont. Great food, good facilities.
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What age are your kids? What are your family's interests? What's your budget? When do you want to take a trip?

Without that background, it sounds like you're trying to get us to research an article for you.
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Response by poster: Uh, no, I'm not a writer and I'm not writing an article. I'm trying to plan a trip and looking for suggestions based on personal experience of other people.

Child's age: 6
Interests: All kinds of outdoor and indoor activities that are typical of a family camp.
Budget: No restriction
When: Summer or Fall

Thank you.
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Mohonk Mountain House in the Hudson Valley is nice. Beautiful historic hotel in the Catskills.
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A friend's family runs this place. I have not been to it but from what I hear it's great.
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My family always went to Montecito Sequoia Family Camp, in California, when I was growing up. I later worked there as a camp counselor for a few summers. Highly recommended! It's got a little more of a rustic feel then some other family camps, but it perfectly fits the location. It's in Kings Canyon National Park, has planned activities for each age group, and lots of fun things for the parents to do while the kids are off with their age group. It's pretty affordable as far as week long family camps go. Food tends to be buffet style for all meals but is delicious!

Examples of available activities are, horseback riding, sailing, water skiing, rifle range, trampoline tricks, fencing, hiking, skits, singalongs, arts & crafts and other standard camp things. They have a main lodge with standard hotel like rooms you can stay in. They also have individual cabins you can rent so the whole family can be in the same cabin.
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Seconding Tyler Place. My daughter starts asking how long until we go back... oh about a week after we return from our annual week there.

Kids are in group sessions every morning from breakfast until lunch and again from dinner until bedtime. Afternoons are for family time. There are organized activities for adults and for families in the middle of the day, or you can do absolutely nothing.

best things:
kids eat every meal separate from adults. The idea of 21 meals without children around makes me seriously giddy.
The food is excellent.
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Canoe Island French Camp, on a private island in the San Juan Islands, Washington. Food is prepared by a chef and pastry chef. The executive director is an extraordinary naturalist who tells amazing stories, heads sailing and kayaking expeditions, and is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Each family sleeps in a tipi on a beautiful wooden deck in a grove of fir trees. Evenings around the fire pit are magical.

Family camps are only held on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, and are typically sold out by early spring, sometimes by January. They're that good. And no, you don't need to speak any French to go, but you can take French language and culture lessons from a native French counselor, which is super fun and zero pressure.
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