Hairline cracks in bathroom tile
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One of the floortiles in the bathroom cracked. How do I fix this?

Our bathroom has ~12x12 ceramic tiles on the floor, installed about 10+ years ago, and one of them just cracked. I don't have a photo at the moment, but it's just three hairline cracks radiating out of the center. The cement/grout on the sides is 85% intact, so prying the pieces up will cause more damage.

Should I attempt to fix this myself? Can I caulk it or something to prevent water damage? A complicating factor is that we just sold the apartment and are currently staying in there as renters.
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You should have one extra (or a small box of them) or you can find a few on-line.

Then just do this.

It's pretty easy.
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It depends (TM) on why it cracked. If you dropped a hammer on it, say, or it broke from other heavy abuse -- by all means, replace it, it'll be fine. This is something you can do yourself. Just tape off the surrounding area so you don't damage it ...

If it just cracked out of the blue, it's more likely that the subfloor is not solid or steady enough, and allowing some deflection such that the tile eventually cracked. The solution for that is ... more complicated than you want to get into, it sounds like, but you would have to address the root problem, or it's going to happen again.

If you do replace it, can you match the grout well enough, or (if the grout is old and stained, etc) will it just look like a patch job? If the latter, you might want to leave it be and disclose it, let the new owners deal with it.
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Another option, is nail polish. I can't believe there's a You Tube about it.
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So you cracked it, as a renter?

I think you should talk to your real estate agent about what your next moves should be. You might be better off disclosing it at the end of your rentback.
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